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Supporting the Spiritual Newsletter

The Abbey Newsletter is sent free of charge.

However, a spontaneous donation helps us to distribute this newsletter, and supports the abbey in its daily life.

Supporting the abbey on a daily basis

Our contemplative community cannot fully support itself through work. The donations it receivesenable it to continue its mission in the Church.

Supporting workshop construction

The evolution of our community has forced us to commit to the construction of a building to house a garage and workshops. To help us meet the substantial costs of this project, click below. Thank you.

Supporting the abbey worksite

Another project has been launched in the heart of the monastery to fit out an infirmary, a kitchen and the adjacent galleries.
Thanks to the Fondation des Monastères, donations for this project are eligible for a tax receipt.

The 2023/2028 patronage fundraising campaign

Chantier ateliers

A fund-raising campaign has been launched to raise awareness of patrons who can help us substantially finance the major work we have had to undertake. If you share our concern to support monastic life in our country, please click below.