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The purpose of the Newsletter of the Abbey of Saint Joseph de Clairval is to help Christians, and all those who wish to receive it, to know and love the Saviour, Jesus Christ Our Lord, to listen to His word and walk in His footsteps, in the midst of the difficulties of this world, to the port of a happy eternity. The letter briefly recalls the life and the examples of the saints or converts, mingling with it the teachings which the Church has received from its Founder. Many are those who find therein comfort and encouragement for their everyday life. You can find on this internet site the Back issues.

To receive regularly the Newsletter of Saint Joseph de Clairval Abbey, all you need to do is give us your complete postal address by mail, fax or e-mail or fill out the on-line form. It is sent free of charge; there is no subscription fee. You may also convey to us the addresses of people likely to be interested by this letter, which is published in French, English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

The work is carried out entirely by the monks, from drafting to forwarding. Thus, each week, more than 100 kg of mail are dispatched towards the five continents.

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