Presentation of the spiritual retreats

Since its origin, Saint Joseph Abbey organizes retreats to allow laymen to take part in the richness of the contemplative life. These retreats follow the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.

The crucifix
“I will ask for an intimate knowledge of Our Lord who has become man for me, that I may love Him more and follow Him more closely.”
Spiritual Exercises, no. 104

“The call to holiness can be heard and followed only in the silence of worship before the infinite transcendence of God. We must confess that we all need this silence filled with the adored presence (…) All, believers and unbelievers alike, need to learn the value of this silence which allows the Other (God) to speak, when and as He wills, and which enables us to understand His word. In practice, this supposes great fidelity to liturgical and personal prayer, to time devoted to mental prayer and contemplation, Eucharistic adoration, monthly recollections and spiritual exercises.” John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation on consecrated life, March 25, 1996.

Our Lady
“I will see the house and room of Our Lady.”
Spiritual Exercises, no. 220

“The Risen Jesus appeared first to the Virgin Mary.”
Spiritual Exercises, no. 299 “In our communities of the Missionaries of Charity, we have, since the beginning, made the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, which are very beautiful and very profitable. I recommend them to all: they are not reserved to religious. They all the better when the priest who gives them remains very faithful, with much care, to the method that Saint Ignatius gave us himself.” Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, September 14, 1986

Date for retreats and registration