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The buildings currently occupied by the monks of the Abbey have their history:

  • In 1700, Claude Couthier, Marquis de Souhey, had a chateau constructed.
  • Fallen to various owners after the death of the Marquis, the castle was bought in 1829 by the Ursulines nuns, installed in Flavigny since 1632. Progressively, according to needs, the constructions followed one another, adding to the original chateau of 1700.
  • The decree of expulsion of 1906 drives religious orders out of France. A few months later, the diocesan minor seminary is established in Flavigny where it remains until 1967.
  • It is during the war of 1939 – 1945 that the last construction took place.

When it moved into the location in 1976, the community had to adapt these various buildings to a monastic life; important work was thus undertaken; the first was that of the conventual Church, renovation of which lasted 2 years, and culminated with its solemn blessing on March 1, 1979.

Gradually the monastery takes shape: library, oratories, galleries, refectory…. other projects are being studied, in particular a chapter room worthy of the name, but we must let time and Providence ripen them.

The grounds around the abbey goes back to 1709: in the enclosure overlooking the valley, Claude Couthier, Marquis de Souhey had a terraced garden built. On this occasion he employed the majority of the workmen of Flavigny to preserve them from the famine which devastated Burgundy.