Have Masses offered

Have Masses offered

Before registering a Mass, please read the important information contained at the bottom of this page.

I wish to have celebrated:   individual Mass(es)
  novena(s) (9 consecutive Masses)
  Gregorian Masses (30 consecutive Masses)
I am paying the sum of:    
Mass intentions:
Do you desire
a response:
by e-mail
by postal mail

For the archdiocese of Dijon, here are the stipend rates:
  • 1 Mass: 18 €
  • 1 Novena: 180 €
  • 1 set of Gregorian Masses:  594 €

Please take note of the following:

  • A novena is the celebration of nine consecutive Masses (i.e. one Mass each day nine days in a row).
  • Gregorian Masses are the celebration of 30 consecutive Masses (i.e. one Mass each day thirty days in a row) for a single deceased person.
  • To make an offering for a Mass does not mean you are buying a Mass, for a Mass is priceless; the "price" paid by Christ in His sacrifice is infinite. He offered Himself up on the Cross in order to redeem for God at the price of His Blood all men of every tribe, language, people, and nation (see Apocalypse, 5:9). The money you give does not pay for the Mass, but helps support the priest who offers it. Such an offering is a financial participation whose principal objective is to help support the priest and his community.
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