Horarium for an ordinary day

Holy Week timetable: see below

5:25 A.M. : Matins followed by Low Masses or mental prayer

7:15 A.M. : Lauds followed Low Masses or mental prayer

9:15 A.M. : Classes, study or manual work

11:10 A.M. : Office of Terce followed by High Mass (*)

12:45 P.M. : Office of Sext - Lunch - Office of None

2:45 P.M. : Manual Work

5:40 P.M. : Office of Vespers

19:25 : Dinner

8:15 P.M. : Chapter followed by the office of Compline

(*) On Sundays and feastdays, High Mass is at 10:10 A.M. and Vespers, followed by Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, are at 5:10 P.M.

Horaires de la Semaine Sainte

dimanche des Rameaux

10h00 : Procession,
Messe solennelle avec chant de la Passion
17h10 : Vêpres

Jeudi Saint

5h25 : Vigiles
7h15 : Laudes chantées
10h00 : Tierce
12h15 : Sexte
17h00 : Messe solennelle.
20h00 : Souper.
21h00 : Complies.

Vendredi Saint

5h 55 : Office des Ténèbres chanté.
10h00 : Tierce
12h15 : Sexte
16h00 : Office solennel de la Passion.
20h15 : Chant du “Stabat” et Complies.

Samedi Saint

5h55 : Office des Ténèbres chanté.
10h00 : Tierce
12h15 : Sexte
17h10 : Vêpres.
21h30 : Vigile pascale.

Dimanche de Pâques

6h45 : Messes lues.
7h40 : Laudes suivies des Messes lues.
10h10 : Tierce - Messe solennelle.
Monks in choir Bindery Workshop Procession after lunch Potatoe picking Work in the vegetable garden